Digital Signage Guidelines

Please use the following guidelines when creating signage for use on OMC’s displays:


Digital signs should be 949 pixels wide by 741 pixels deep. The resolution should be set at least 72 pixels per inch (ppi) or a final output size of 500k to 1mb. Save the file as a Jpeg or PNG.


Please use the University approved fonts when possible. This is not mandatory for digital signs, and you may find an occasion that calls for something less formal, but for the most part, we like to use Oswald Light and Medium, and Merriweather fonts on our signs.

For legibility purposes, the body text of your signs shouldn’t be sized below 24pt. Headlines can be between 70pt and 85pt in size.

For the Terry brand and style guide, click here:


Use the following suggestions for the content of your sign:

  • Event Name (Terry Research Series)

  • Speaker’s name or company name

  • Location and time of the event

  • Registration QR code (if applicable)

Color and Design

You have some flexibility with design. We prefer that you use University colors in your digital sign. These include basic white, black, Bulldog red, or Lake Herrick teal.

Need Help?

We are always happy to create your digital sign for you, but whether you create the sign yourself, or need OMC’s design services, please use the request system to get your digital sign placed into rotation.


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